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    Sweet Spirit Productions' - Wedding and Special Event Videography and Photography. This site was created to share what Janet & Sandy are up to in life through our passion in video production & photography. We live in a creative environment full of musings from performance to visual arts. Let us know what you think with a comment. Welcome and enjoy your visit on our blog.

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Sweet Spirit Productions is a boutique wedding video-film and photography studio specializing in storytelling in an organic, natural authentic style.


From seeing the world in motion picture images to telling a whole story in a still photograph, Sandy creates emotional and thought-provoking moments. He is taking a stand that his creative vision will inspire others to be self-expressed, making a difference in their lives.
In 2004, Sandy Buller left the corporate life of 19 years. His wife, Janet, asked him what he was going to do, and after going through a few ideas, she suggested that he do something that he was passionate about. He choose to use his bachelor’s degree in communications with a focus on television production. He found a website about wedding and event video production. A couple of weeks later, Sandy and Janet were in Las Vegas attending the 2004 WEVA Expo to discover more about the possibility of starting a video production company.
 Since then, Sandy has been living a life of his dreams with his wife Janet and their 5-year-old daughter. They live in Pattison, Texas about 45 miles west of Houston in the house that Sandy grew up in (which his father built after WWII) in a rural community in which Sandy’s relatives have lived since immigrating from Prussia in the early 1850’s.
 From producing historical documentaries, promotional infomercials, and training videos to creating wedding videos (with video and super 8 mm film cameras), Sandy creates visual stories through moving pictures and photography. He and his wife have branded two photo-video production companies: Buller Productions ( for corporate and commercial projects and Sweet Spirit Productions ( for wedding and special event photos-videos. And when Sandy isn’t creating innovations with wedding, special event ,and corporate video productions, he can be found serving several community organizations:
ARTreach--This non-profit’s mission is to bring art-related programs and services to the underprivileged including children at risk, troubled youth, children and adults with special needs, and the elderly. They acknowledged Sandy in the spring of 2009 as “Volunteer of the Year” for contributions with documenting their programs and events.
The local chapter of the Future Farmers of America (FFA) gave Sandy their Chapter Appreciation Award in the spring of 2009 too.
He has been the President of the Houston Professional Videographers Association since 2008. Before that, he served as Vice President for two years. In 2007, he was named “Videographer of the Year.”
He is an Alderman on the City Council of Pattison, Texas.
He helps document the American Cancer Society’s “Relay for Life” Katy/West Houston event each spring.
And he was the visionary and co-founder of the Pattison Area Heritage Society. He videotapes interviews presented by the older folks in the community during the society’s monthly meetings in order to help preserve his community’s stories and history.
He volunteers with his church and produces animated photo montages and video highlights of events throughout the year that help the church community.
He volunteers at special events for the Pattison Area Volunteer Fire Department by photographing and/or videotaping, and helps maintain their website.
He is a member of the West I-10 Chamber of Commerce and the Houston West Chamber of Commerce.
When he isn’t working and volunteering, he can be found writing and performing music. He is an accomplished piano player and bassist (upright bass and electric bass) and also plays guitar, mandolin, mandocello, baritone horn and tuba. He performs with the blues band “The Moe Hansum Band” and produced their first CD, “Poor Boy Long Way from Home” ( And he performs with his wife Janet who is also an accomplished musician and songwriter.

Update: 9/14/09
Sandy Buller of Sweet Spirit Productions in Pattison, Texas was officially recognized as a winner of the "911 Community Service Award" during the opening night festivities of the 19th Annual WEVA Wedding & Event Expo 2009. The Industry Recognition Awards Presentation was held Monday, September 14, 2009 at the Hilton Hotel and Resort in Orlando, Florida. Ken Kurita, Chairman of the WEVA Special Awards Committee, contacted Sandy Buller in July 2009 to tell Sandy that he was one of the three winners of the 2009 Community Service Award from around the world. The Wedding and Event Videographers Association International (WEVA) is the largest nonprofit trade association representing professional wedding and event videographers. WEVA International members are dedicated video producers who specialize in the art of documenting and preserving important social and corporate events and presentations.

This award recognizes WEVA members who have donated their time and skills to produce effective and inspiring video stories for non-profit organizations. Sandy Buller's short documentary highlight video for the American Cancer Society's Katy/West Houston Relay for Life was chosen as the winner. "It was a huge thrill to be honored by WEVA and it was humbling to receive this award in front of my peers," said Sandy Buller. The Relay was held at the VFW Park in Old Katy on March 27 and 28, 2009. (View the winning video at

Tom Zizka, morning anchor for Fox News, was the MC for the Relay and did a fabulous job. Sweet Spirit Productions acknowledges everyone involved in making this a memorable event, especially all the great sponsors like BP, St Mary Land Exploration, Mustang Engineering, Hasta la Pasta, Sunny 99.1FM, and The Katy News. The Katy/West Houston Relay for Life raised over $263,000 to find a cure for cancer, ranking as the second largest in the gulf coast region. "I just watched the highlight reel, through a flood of tears," said Kimberly Lewis, 2009 Event Chair for the Katy/West Houston Relay for Life. "You are amazing and I can't tell you how much I appreciate what you have done to capture the images and the emotions. It is beautiful!"

The 911 Community Service Award was established in 2003. It was named not only to remember the 911 tragedy, but also because 911 is a call for help. These WEVA members have responded to a call for help from their community.